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Friday, September 12th, 2003

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Little by little, I'm getting my Burning Man pictures collected...
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drip buckets instead of evaporation ponds
(crossposted from the thread asking about evaporation pond alternatives)


i had a plan that didn't materialize; not sure how well it would have worked -

take 2 five-gallon buckets. drill lots & lots of small (1/4") holes in the bottom of one of them. cut long strips of fabric (6 to 8' x 4"), stuff one through each hole, and tie a knot in the strip on the inside of the bucket so the strip can't pull out. gather the strips up in a bundle at the other end, tie them all together, and tie a weight onto them. suspend the bucket with the fabric streamers above the normal bucket, fill the top bucket with greywater, and hopefully as the water diffuses down through the streamers it evaporates before reaching the tied-together end of the streamers (which should hang inside the bottom bucket). the bottom bucket catches any drips, which can then be put back in the top bucket.

it'd probably require a bit of tweaking to make sure the water didn't drip through too slowly or too fast, but i think it'd work, and it'd take up a lot less room than an evaporation pond.

eLiquidMotion: a cautionary tale
On August 12th I placed a $97.13 with http://eliquidmotion.com/index.html for some battery powered flashy things for Burning Man. On August 15th, my debit card was charged $97.13. The webpage said delivery would be in 6-8 days, so though I was cutting it a little close, I was fairly confident that there was still plenty of time. As of August 23, the Saturday I was supposed to leave, my package had still not arrived. I contacted Angie over there via eMail and made arrangements to have my package delivered to the BRC post office. I told her that I would return the other box that was presumably being sent to my home unopened when I got back.

I checked the the BRC post office everyday. I must say this was about 5 times more frustrating than trying to use the actual post office. The volunteers, bless their hearts, were having a really hard time grasping that I was not there to play customer/disgruntled postal worker. I was sent down to the closed window, made to stand in line for 30 minutes only to have the window shut in my face when I finally got there, abused and treated as rude as I have ever been treated anyplace... All the little jokes that might have been funny if I was not there to check about my hundred dollar box. Anyway, it never came.

When I came back from the playa, there was no box waiting for me at home either! I emailed Angie twice, who previously had always answered me the very same day, sometimes within an hour, and have yet to receive a reply back. I then sent an email to the sales contact there in case Angie was sick or on vacation. No answer. My last message went out to every person on their contact page. Still nothing. Today I tried to call their phone number, and no answer.

So, the moral of the story is that eLiquidMotion has ripped me off for $97.13. BEWARE!

Current Mood: infuriated
Remember my blood pressure question?
Well, as an update, my Dr. told me before I went to stop taking my water pills for fear of dehydration. By the Monday before the burn, my BP was up to 180/115 and the BRC medical staff had to give me a medical pass to Gerlach to see the Dr. there and get an Rx. If it wasn't showing improvement or if it went any higher, they would have made me go to the ER in Reno. Nu-uh! The Dr. in Gerlach was AWESOME, and very handsome I must say! *giggle* The medical staff there was great as well, helping me find my medical info since I forgot to bring it.

Lessons Learned:

1. Bring ALL your medication WITH! Even if you don't take them on a regular basis.
2. Bring a medical card! It's $120 just to SEE the Dr. in Gerlach and if they can't track down your info, you're paying through the nose.
3. BRC medical staff ROCK. But they are very busy people. Be patient, try and treat yourself for that rebar scratch, bring a GOOD First Aid kit. They would rather see that you tried to clean yourself up and did what you could than have you walking in gushing blood.
4. If you get a medical pass, BRING YOUR TICKET OUT WITH YOU! I was told I didn't need it to come back in, but indeed I did. Took me longer to get back in to BRC without my ticket stub than my whole trip to Gerlach!
5. Dehydration and taking a dieretic (sp?) due to high BP are seperate issues. The Dr. in Gerlach helped me understand that they are exclusive of eachother and confusing the issue almost cost me a trip to Reno!

Hope this helps anyone else on here with the same problem. :) Live and learn I guess...

Current Mood: contemplative
Some good news.
Here's some good press for a good company.


I ordered rather close to the mark for my trip, and on arrival, half the lights I had ordered were not functional. I called the customer service number, got someone immediatly, who had my replacements sent out ASAP 2 day air. Cheap prices, good service, and while the lights I ordered didn't work as well as I wanted *the bomber lights tended to 'overheat' after a good couple hours riding around at night while attached to my wheels and would stay simply a fast blinking red* they did all work as well as 2-3 dollar blinky lights should.

Honestly, if I've learned anything, do not scrimp on LED products. The ones that cost more do so because while the LED tech is cheap, getting them to withstand anything rigerous is tough. My Photon 3's are still going on orginal batteries after a year and a half. Course, you have to balance paying a crapload for better lights and losing/breaking them out there or buying a few extra cheap ones and not caring if you break or lose em.

Also, for the playa, I'll be sticking to EL Wire over blinky lights next year for my bike. The lights looked ok, but weren't enough to really look decent.

So again, good props to the company.

Also, for glowsticks, this site had some that I picked up a fifty pack for. The wrapped ones. Novelty grade, not industrial. The next night, after having had them cracked for 24 hours, they still had a faint glow to them. Most store bought sticks are dead after around 14-16 hours.

Cheap prices, good quality, awesome people.

Current Mood: chipper
Burning Man inspiration..
not really of, or about, Burning Man, but I wanted to share this image I just hacked together of the Phoenix tattoo on my shoulder super-imposed onto the burning of the Temple of Honor..
Interesting Advice from Viriginia Kitten
This was posted on the Hushville mailing list, but I think its good ideas for everyone in the Burner community to think about -- The only thing I did was edit out camp specific information, which is in brackets for clarity

"the recent posts , as well as the death and plane crashes we had on the playa this year, have left me thinking that perhaps there's not enough discussion about what would/could/should happen in case we actually do get injured at burning man. so, let's do that. here are a few of my ideas.

make it a new policy for 2004 to always carry your on-playa emergency contact info on you. include your real world contact info as well, or make sure your on-playa contacts have it. you pass out , at least whoever finds you will be able to figure out you belong right there.

if you plan to do a lot of exploring on your own, let your friends & campmates know what your plans are, at least generally, for your days & evenings. when they've realized you've been spending 20 hours a day in jiffy lube, they can fetch you and bring you back for a nice intervention.

most definitely bond with your neighbors, especially if you're on your own. not only will you be invited over for some great dinners, but it really builds the community. and those folks will be the
first to be concerned when you haven't come back to camp after a couple of days.

and get to know your neighborhood rangers. rangers see a lot of cool stuff when they're out rangering, so they're a great source of info. and who can resist those sexy hats?

co-flounder, noise abatement & bay area ambassador hushville"

I think she brings up some really wonderful good solid ideas.

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