January 12th, 2004

I Dream of Black Rock City

last week i started having bm dreams almost every nite. i wonder if it is a subconscious alert so that i don't forget to start preparing.

last nite was awesome, i was explaining to someone how to get back to their camp and how to navigate the city in general, and as we walked i noticed that the radial streets had weird names...starting at one o'clock it was "onu, esod, sert, ortauq, ocnic, ezies," etc. When I woke I realized that the numbers were in spanish and backward. It was especially strange for me to realize that because I speak french, not spanish, and when I woke up I wrote down the street names all the way to 12, (in spanish and backward), which in my waking life I don't know how to say 12 in spanish.

oh how it made me yearn for summer to come so i could wake up there again.
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