January 29th, 2004


Livejournal Camp?

I know this has been done in the past, but anyone up for it in 2004? Mt travelling partner wants to camp in walk-in and I am just not hip with that for my second year. I NEED the security of a few large coolers. :) (It will be HIS 4th year).

I would be up for this if anyone else is.

Cpt. Adaquit (travel-mate) and I have some ideas for some literary activities that I think people would enjoy and I would like to host some writing groups as well. Writing seems to be the only thing I really "missed" at BM 2003. Whiteboard tablets and markers would keep from using paper and finding it on the playa later, and we were thinking of a community story project as well.

Any takers?
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I have been digging up some of my old writings and deciding which ones to publish in my blog. Here's a piece that I wrote just after returning from the '98 Burning Man Festival (my first). It was published in Magical Blend magazine under the title, "Burning Mania." Fiyo On the Playa was my more obscure actual title for the piece (with a tip of the hat to the Neville Brother's for their song Fiyo On the Bayou...) A fair amount has changed with Burning Man since '98 (not so many random knuckleheads torching lampposts for one thing) and, of course a fair amount has changed with my perceptions of the event. Even with the increased police surveillance, Black Rock City is still my favorite place on the planet and I thought I'd share this piece with you all. I welcome any and all feedback anyone would care to offer... Collapse )

Why can't real life be more like Burning Man?

We all hear it. Why can't real life be more like Burning Man?

If burning man were real life,
you would need to pack in
at least 25,000 gallons of water.

per person.

For 30,000 participants,
that's 750 million gallons of water.

That's enough to fill the entire 8200 foot diameter event area
to a depth of two feet.
(talk about the floating world!)

If Burning Man were real life,
it would take 300 years to clean up.

hm. how much crap get's sucked out of all the johns in a week?

add your own riffs... I'd be overjoyed to get some vivid statistics...