January 30th, 2004

Go Faster


My Order ticket registration form from BM says,
Burning Man Art THeme 2004 "Vault of Heaven."

"In the time it takes to read this sentence the sun
will have traveled 1,500 miles in orbit around the
center of our local galaxy; the milky way. Our theme
this year will contemplate the cosmos- real science
and it's surreal realm of possibility. The natural
laws with which you are familiar may suddenly cease to
apply. Close yours eyes and hold your breath. Prepare
to fall into the sky."

I got it in the mail today.
The Honeymoon

rainbow gathering

hey there everyone,
i know that this is not related to burningman but many you guys know about or have been to the rainbow gatherings. i went to burningman last year and plan on going to the international rainbow gathering in costa rica in march. i was wondering if anyone could give me a little information on rainbow and the way their gatherings work.
i'm wondering what sort of stuff do i need to bring?
is it like burningman where i need to bring all my own food and water or are the rumors true that you don't really need to bring that much stuff for survival. is it more on a donation basis?
any other information would help.

thanks guys!
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