February 27th, 2004


anyone want an art car?

ok, well, the foundation of an art car.

i've got this Olds that i need to get out of my driveway. If you come get it this weekend, it's yours.

1986 delta 88 royale brougham
radio works, tape deck does not
it won't drive backward (it's parked on a hill tho, so it's easy to get out of the driveway)
it goes forward up to about 40mph
the front passenger window is stuck in the door (currently replaced by plastic to protect the interior)
front struts make it drive like a boat
has a BRC sticker on it already, as well as a brian froud sticker
tags expired in january, passed smog back in october tho, but if you're just using it for an art car, you can non-op it
i have the title, in my name even

i suppose i should mention i'm in Orange County, near the Orange/Tustin border.