March 1st, 2004


o/` I got my ticket! I got my ticket! o/` *does Myposian Dance of Joy*

I'm hoping they'll post site stats after the dust settles; you'd've thought I was on dialup with as long as it took pages to load. I'd love to see how many hits per minute they were getting that first hour.

I'm going HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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murrly murr

(no subject)

hrmm... how long do we stay up to push the little button?
maybe folks on the east coast have it easy because they can just get up early and deal with it when it's like 4 am here

i feel like i'm calling into a radio station for concert tickets and the line is just staying busy

it said at 11:59, that the time it would take to buy a ticket would be the time it takes the sun to go 25,000 miles. the sun zips along at 486,000 mph. heh. yeah. but wtf are we doing talking about miles in this day and age?

stall. stall. stall. yay. connect. fill out fill out submit. oh. i wanted secure mail. hrm. oh well. too much hassle to change. "buy now" wait wait wait. oh. operation timed out. yeah. hrm.

oh... a new window...

Please wait while your order is authorized.
This window will close automatically.
Transactions normally take 2 to 5 seconds, but can take as long as 1 minute.
If this window does not go away, check your email. If you do not receive an email confirmation, then try your order again or call 415-389-TIXX.

yeah, it's been a couple minutes and still a window...
ah... such fun.

... update... okay... 1) folks w/ paypal seem to be having a slightly easier time finishing the transaction.
2) i don't know about the safety of this at all, but i just kept reloading the page w/ the "BUY NOW" buttom that, when pressed, would say "Click OK to suck out all your money" whihc i had to click a dozen+ times before finally getting a confirmation page

Confirmation email seems to be rather speedy. and i only got one of those, so i'm assuming i will still have some money in my bank account in the morning

also. i *really* like the link at the bottom that says "Tell us about your purchasing experience!"
murrly murr

(no subject)

(not that it's happened here, but this is directed at the stream of complaints i've gotten on various lists)

1) duh. yeah, it was a big surprise their servers couldn't handle it. maybe they should raise the price to $200 for the lowest level ticket so that they can afford to have enough server power to make sure everyone who wants to save $20 on a ticket can do so in a convenient fashion

2) to re-emphasize the point of the last sentence. look you cheap bastards! it's $40. go to sleep. wake up in the morning. if 3000 people haven't bought tickets maybe you can save $40. if $40 really matters that much, apply for a low cost ticket

3) be glad the server performance was so crappy, because now, some 7 hours later, 3000 people still didn't buy tickets and there seem to be $165 ones readily available.

4) every popular thing at burning man has a ridiculously long line. just consider it prep for the playa. i'll admit it. i got ahead by bringing a couple bags of ice and a bottle of tequila mix.
beatnik betty

So I think I'll end up in the desert this year...

Howdy there.
Poetess/healer/priestess/interfaith education/awareness activist and one hell of a dancer here...

I have some questions for those of you who have had some experience at Burning Man, as I've never gone before but know some that have, but I don't want to really get as wild and crazy as many seem to want to (although that's not a bad thing, mind you- just not for me)...

but I would like to really take my creativity and energy and levels of growth to a new level...


1) What was the most inspiring event or activity that you experienced whilst at Burning Man?

2) How was your Creativity encouraged or inspired by the people and/or events that took place?

3) Any Spiritual Revelations that you were able to take away from the event? If so, tell me about it as much as you feel comfortable sharing.

4) Was there any point that you felt like you were losing control of yourself, or was there a point that it seemed all of your inhibitions were lost and you were free? Please share what led up to that and how you felt during and afterward (if it was a conscious change).

5) Do you find it's easy, moderate, or difficult to integrate those experiences from Burning Man into your real life when you get back home? Give examples.

I truly truly appreciate all of you who answer my questions and hope to spark some interesting conversation before the event takes place...


Brighest of Blessings,

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greyscale self


I'm sure everyone already knows this but just in case...

Burning Man tickets are on sale NOW!!!



The event begins August 30 and ends September 6.

and I'll burn like a roman-fucking-candle

burn like a chasm in the night

burn for a miniscule duration

ecstatic immolation

incorrigible delight!

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