March 12th, 2004


Vidoes from last year?!

Has anyone seen any movies or anything flimed last year at b m?

one morning at about 5am i was giving spankings at the man, there was a couple film crews ( a couple guys with cameras, guys with mikes, etc) filming me and i was curious if anything came from it?!

God damn, im so excited i can hardly sleep and i still have months!!!!
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unicycle and haiku

Pop, Coke,or Soda eh?

I grew up having been given "pop" as a treat. The errosion of the 'treat' to become like that of "breathing air" has ALWAYS bothered me..... well, "enjoy them teeth" folks who guzzle(d) the stuff!

here enjoy the report:

and a nice - not taken out of context sound byte:

"12 Mar 2004
Dentists in the UK say that fizzy soft drinks (sodas in the USA) have a dramatic effect on tooth erosion on teenagers.
If you are a 14-year-old and you have fizzy drinks your risk of tooth erosion TRIPLES. You can read about this in the British Dental Journal.
If you are 14 and have four glasses of fizzy drinks a day your risk increases by a staggering 513%."

Thinking about it anymore?
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