March 23rd, 2004

happy spider

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I'm really interested in going to the next Burning Man. It'll be my first one. Like all first-timers, I've read as much info as I can get my hands on, I've looked at the pictures, and I've studied the what to bring/not to bring lists. But, well, it's still kind of an overwhelming thing! I have questions that probably seem silly, but I will ask them anyway. :)

What do you ..DO once you get there? Just set up your living space and roam around, experiencing all that the place has to offer?

Can I volunteer at a theme camp once I'm there, or do I have to do that ahead of time?

Do I need to register somewhere if I want to do body art on myself or others while there? (non-profit, of course. Essentially I'd just want to sit under some shade and paint anyone who'd like to be colorful.)

The list, it goes on and on. But, mostly, I just want to know what I do! I purchase a ticket, I get there, and..?

It's sort of an open-ended question, but hopefully it's not a really dumb one. I'm just so in love with the whole concept it all. Hopefully I can get some friends to go, and we can caravan it, since we're pretty far away. :)

Thanks in advance!


playa pcs

Anyone have recommendations for keeping a pc up and running on the playa? Our camp is working on an art piece that's going to need a pc to control it, so I was wondering what experiences people might have had keeping one running in the desert, or at least let me in on what parts seem to fail most so we can bring lots of spares. We're planning on only running it at night, so I'm not worried about the heat, but the dust has me concerned.