May 11th, 2004

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Conflicts with School?

Does anyone else have conflicts with Burning Man and school? I'm working full time, but also pursuing a master's degree part time. My semester starts on 8/25, and Burning Man is from 8/30 to 9/6, so I'm going to miss either the first or second week of classes if I go for the whole week, which I need to do in order to setup our theme camp.

I really don't understand what the fascination is with Labor Day weekend. Don't they realize that most schools start classes during that time period? Why don't they just move the date back a week or two so that it's still part of summer break? It's much harder to get out of class than to request a day off of work, and Labor Day is only saving one vacation day.

I guess if I can't convince my professors to work around Burning Man, I'm going to have to work around class. This means I'll have to go in and help setup the first weekend, then leave, and then come back for the final extended weekend. Do you know how hard it's going to be to actually leave once I'm there? I don't know if I'll be able to do it! :)
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Grey-water systems

I'm looking at constructing a good grey-water evaporation system this year.  I've been able to find a lot of good info online, but I've heard that most grey-water systems don't really perform all that well.  It seems like even some of the better laid out designs still end up falling short.  Has anyone out there had relative success using/constructing one or personally know someone who has?

I'm looking for as many experiences to build on as possible.  So any info or tips you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone!
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Help a regional's grandest project to date...

The completed snowman dome will have two floors in the base dome, and another 2 domes stacked vertically on it's roof. It will reach 40' tall and will light up both as a giant monkey and as Frosty... It will house 6 or more people, besides the lounge and bar space in the main dome....

In light of this grand project, we need your help funding this project...
As you may know, steel prices have doubled or quadrupled in recent months.... Ouch! $8 per 10' piece!

You can PayPal us a donation....

This is a project we will be tested at Flipside, and following that we will begin planning its arrival at BM'04...

Details at our Website!

We are a college town, and fundraisers are quite difficult to break even, or raise money here...

-Vern, Denton, TX
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