August 1st, 2004

First time burners getting involved?

Hey all,
I'm a first time burner and as of late I've been a bit overwhelmed. I really want to get involved at BM, but everyone has been telling me that if it is your first burn to just go with the flow and not try to plan anything. I have been thinking about getting involved in people's projects and camps, but I'm not really sure of the edicut. How do I find these camps once I get to the playa? How do I choose which ones I want to do? Can I pick more than one?? Ahhh!!!!
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Burning Man Virgin

Hello everone. I just wanted to introduce myself. This is my first burn and I am pretty stoked (its also my Honeymoon?). Is anyone in here from Orange county,Ca? I thought it might me kinda keen to meet some people from around here there.
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delightful bullet

Friendly Reminder

Just a friendly reminder for the ladies... remember to bring pills (cranberry etc.) to keep ones urinary tract in tip top shape, unique conditions out there. I forgot last year and had to over medicate. (And yes, of course you should be drinking lots of water... just be prepared.)
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