August 3rd, 2004

Another Burningman Virgin

Greetings all,

This year will be my first time burning after 5 years of anticpation. My ticket is safely tucked away in my fireproof box anxiously awaiting its day to shine. The trip is riddled with problems though.. The largest of which is that I don't have a way up or anyone to camp with. I'm sure my car will get me through half of the trip but, the engine would fall out, catch fire, or do something else equally unappealing.

Contributing time, energy, manual labor, or green is no problem. Like the other first-timers, I'd like to contribute & based on the feedback, my energy would be best spent pre-playa. Is there anyone near the sacramento area that would have room for a stow-away? I would, of course, be on your time table and be more than willing to be put to work to earn my keep.

Thanks for any help :-)

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