August 7th, 2004

Heart & Crosskeys
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equal parts Art, Chaos, Community, and Pizza

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The Idea: Random Pizza Experience.

The basic idea is to randomly deliver pizzas throughout the playa to individuals and groups who not have technically “ordered” pizzas, but who, perhaps upon deeper soul searching realize that they had indeed “called” out for a pizza. And we answered their call. We - the members of the Random Pizza Community.

The pizza box lid has a mapped location for the center of the Random Pizza Experience and asks that they return the box marking on the box where they were when they got the pizza. If they’d like to write something on the box about themselves or their thoughts they had while eating pizza they are welcome.

Back at HQ we’ll track where the cumulative movements of the pizza. For reasons that won’t be entirely clear for some time.

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Burning Man on your mind?

Well you can feed your need to create and take part in some pre-playa art.

The PoTSoffice and Dead Letter Truck are seeking submissions of PoTScards and stamps art to grace the cards that will be speeded all across the playa by our Mercurial PoTSal carriers. (And if the message is 'undeliverable' that categorization will be rearranged aboard the Dead Letter Truck.)

What kind of art you ask?
* Idolize the Man
* Honor those who have inspired you.
* Draw the little voices inside your mind.

Just do it on a stamp or PoTSal Card. . .

If you want to stop by to see what's going stop by at the 9:00 plaza (where there have also been rumors of ninja and green fairy sightings. Nothing reliable though. . . ) See you on the Playa!