August 8th, 2004

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Anyone have some really helpful tips on muffling generator noise?
Last year, I made a box for my generator, but I had to leave an open end just to allow air to get in and out, or else it would cut out.
Needless to say, the open ends still allowed a good deal of noise to come through.
I've heard that in Santa Barbara, they're building houses with styrofoam in the walls, and that the insulation from that not only helps with energy reduction, but also noise reduction. You think if I put in a layer of styrofoam that it would help? I would probably still need an open end just for the air-factor, but I could point that towards my truck (if the open end is on top, I still have the lack of oxygen getting in).

Okay, now for a picture of me cooking up some ribs and serving them to my camp neighbors. We formed our own little camp, calling it Camp Chalupacabra. If you want to know the backstory of how that name came about, just ask. The cutie I'm serving ribs to is Brittany from Canada, eh! BTW: This picture was taken by Buddha Scott, one of the Camp Chalupacabrianites.

The MAN burns in 26 days!!!

Hey, I was just wondering how people are going to Burning Man? What are your plans for going, or who are you going with? How many people are going with big groups? How important is community to you at Black Rock City? Is anyone going alone? Camping alone?

I still haven't completely figured out who I'm going with and exactly what I'm doing, so hearing what others are doing might help me out. I'd like to be part of a larger camp, though at this point it doesn't seem likely it will happen. Right now my options seem to be camping with my ex boyfried which may be emotionally difficult or camping with my cousin and her friend who have very different lifestyles and interests from me. Or I could go by myself, but Burning Man is about community and so going alone I may feel less part of a community.

Any suggestions?

This will be my third burn, and I am so excited to go home to the playa!!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing and safe trip.

And maybe I'll see you in Black Rock City!
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LJ party?

Second Update: Don't Dream It, Be It

There are a ton of us. Since we don't have a theme camp this year, has anyone considered a Livejournal Party or gathering somewhere at Black Rock? I had one at our regional, Flipside, and it was fun.

Update: If we'd like to have a party, we should figure out when and also *where*. I might be able to find space at Infinite Oasis or Get Lost if I ask and we pick a good time. What do people think? I don't know when it is good to scheudle and I haven't seen the schedule for this year (I know we wouldn't get on it officially).
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My relationship status has changed which changes my camp plans - i wasn't really doing anything interactive but now it looks like it's just me, where i thought there would be three of us... Sigh.

Lets talk about making lemonade from this small sized bag of lemons that fate has handed me...

I'm doing a couple of cafe shifts this year, and intend to bring a watch and participate in more of the organized stuff than i normally do "out there"

i'm all sorts of ready for this trip really - there will be some last minute purchases and i'm not sure about cooking and stuff anymore - if it's just me do i want to bother doing real cooking?

i don't know


and sigh

and i'm so excited i could explode

mama playa will cover my wounds with her healing dust and take my mind from these earthly pains with her infinite sky and cleansing wind

soon mother, i will be home

yeah, so yeah, i'll see you on the playa
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