August 12th, 2004

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Exodus needs you!

The Exodus team is always in need of volunteers to direct traffic out of our beloved city at the end of the event.

In our quest to empty Black Rock City as quickly and safely as possible, we need people to fill a couple of roles for four-to-six hour shifts on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the event:

Set-up: A few dedicated, hardworking volunteers needed to set hundreds of cones and signs to delineate the exit lanes and merge points. This happens during the day on Saturday.

Exiters: Stand in the dust and wave traffic into and across lanes. Answer a few questions, untangle snarls, but mostly wave goodbye!

Flaggers: This is a job that requires a bit more time commitmen, it is also the area that we need the most help – Flaggers will attend certification class that takes about 6 hours and is held off-playa during the event. Transportation is provided. The certification is good for two years. Flaggers abide by Nevada State laws and guidelines regarding traffic control on the county roads around the event. There is an option for pay in this position.

Tear-down: Some more hard-working people needed to pick up all those hundreds of cones and help tear down some of our other structures.

If you are interested specifically in any of the above jobs, or interested in getting more info about volunteering with Exodus in general, please check out the website at or email us at

Also be sure to fill out the volunteer questionnaire at


Exodus Volunteer Coordinator
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Burning Man and expectations

from the ny list via the staff list... i thought it lovely...

A Newbie's Guide to a Lousy First Burn

Rule 1: Make Expectation List

* I expect to have my mind blown
* I expect to make the best friends I'll ever make anywhere else
* I expect everything I see to be unlike anywhere else
* I expect to have sex with strangers every other hour
* I expect to feel a warm, welcoming embrace from everyone
* I expect that all my neuroses will melt away
* I expect to be emotionally transformed
* I expect that I'll get over being shy/unhappy/sad/whatever the minute I step on the playa
* I expect that all the plans I'm making now about what I'll do when I get there will actually happen the way I envision them
* I expect to run into the eight people I know who will be there
* I expect that the people I'm camping with won't be distracted by other things and ever forget to include me
* I expect to be happy every waking moment

A Newbies Guide to a Great First Burn

Rule 1: Make Expectation List

* I expect this to be a unique experience, but that I won't know what the experience will be or how to deal with it until I'm there
* I expect to have my beliefs and boundaries questioned and possibly altered
* I expect that for as much as I've planned and prepared that something may happen that was completely outside my expectations and that it will be just fine
* I expect to make the best of any situation, but realize that I'm my own limitation
* I expect to let go of my expectations

There's a huge difference between making plans and making expectations. Do the former, not the latter.