August 22nd, 2004


Please allow me to introduce myself


I am new and as my name might give away this year will be my Virgin Burn. I am going down with my boyfriend frankie23 I think this is his 6th year...He is one of the shift managers at the Ice tent and I will be owrking there with him from 12-3pm everyday.

He knows lots of people and I don't know any so I just wanted to say Hi before we leave.
We will be camping in "the Brain" at 7 oclock and Earth.
if you happen to be by there or the ice tents during those hours say Hi
My anme is Tori. I have Bleach blonde faux Hawk and tattoo across my chest. ( I knwo that probably doesn't narrow it down much)

We are leaving tomorrow so we can take a long trip down the west coast. (I live in vancouver)

Ia m so excited I am vibrating.
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Rie Miyazawa

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Burning Man's fast approaching and I'm totally hysterical about getting ready on time! This will be my first time (yes, a BM virgin here) and I cannot anticipate about what'll happen to me. I'll be at Camp Scrub-a-Dub/Flying Hands in Gigsville, so come over and say hello if you can locate us.

Question for y'all seasoned burners: how the heck do you pack a full-length mirror without cracking and breaking it to shards? I'm very broke at the moment, so cannot afford to buy some new cellophane material to wrap it around. I'm having a hard time finding a box that'll fit the size of the mirror as well. Does anybody have experience in packing mirrors with an excellent guarantee of security? Lemme know. Thanks!