August 25th, 2004


weather report

(this is reposted from the BRC_masquerade list, i am not the original author)

Word from people on the Playa, in Gerlach and Reno reports cold and rainy conditions. Thunderstorms in the afternoon, dawn temps around 30, Monday 1PM the mercury read a mere 70 degrees. For those of us that were there, think about the '98, '99 and 2000 Burns. My contact in Reno states that the past three days have felt like October; cool days and chilly nights. Maid Marian says that it's hovering around the mid-80s but the ORG always tries to put a positive spin on things and that might be a little generous. I'd assume "cold" and dress in layers.

Scotch-guard everything that doesn't naturally shed water. Go to your camping supply store and invest in a gallon of rain repellant. Bring rain gear. Get tarps to floor your camp's footprint with. Bring cold weather clothing and think about getting a catalytic heater for your shelter and pocket handwarmers. Gore-Tex and Teflon are your friends. Don't forget that tea kettle and consider packing some cans of soup! Heck, I think even electric socks wouldn't be entirely unreasonable. Playa cold is nasty, it keeps your body from heating itself up.

When you're building your structures, sink the support posts down below 6" into the Playa, because the top six will be MUD. Bring some palettes to stand on.

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New Day's Eve

Hi Everyone,

My camp this year will be New Day's Eve located in Asylum Village, 7:15 and Esplanade. Some of you might remember it from 2002. We are back again for another joyous year.

Why is it that most people only celebrate each New Year. Shouldn't each new day be cause for celebration? Grab a noisemaker, hat and a glass of champagne and join us at Playa Times Square (7:15 & Esplanade) at 11:30 and help us usher in a bright new day. Every day is a chance for a new beginnings and new opportunities. Tomorrow may just be the greatest day of your life.

Come and celebrate the New Day with me.
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Brought to you by the letter - Arrrgh

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So I forgot to pack my fire staff with my stuff going overland to burning man.

Does anyone know what hoops I'm going to have to go through to transport that thing on the plane with me?
I'm flying American if that helps.
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Reminder: LiveJournal Party At Blackrock

Can you believe it's only one week away?

The Star Dust Covered LiveJournal Party

...because if no one writes about it in an online journal, how do we know it really happened?

All LiveJournal users, other online journalists, their friends, etc. welcome.

Who: todfox (host), marrilee and Delia (bartenders), and you
What: Whatever you make of it. Bring a cup. Bring your own beverages, food, etc. to share. Bring your laptop with wifi access so the less well-equipped can make updates to their journal from the event. Bring whatever you think would make it fun. Dance to funk music until you can't dance any more!
Where: Wonderlounge at the Infinite Oasis Village (4:30 & Earth), Black Rock City
When: Wednesday, September 1st at sundown (7:30pm ish)
Why: For the hell of it.

See you there!

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Natural Enhancements

I'm not sure if this is appropriate but I'm going to ask....

This being my first time at Burning Man, I can't even pretend I know the in's and out's. I'd like to experience "enhancement" while there and am not too sure about finding the substances. Most festivals I've gone to have operated on a paper money trading system. Any suggestions on how to trade for what I might be seeking?
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Burning Man interviews on San Francisco radio stations.

In this post rootie_kazootie announced that Maid Marian, Larry Harvey and Brian Doherty would be doing interviews on KFOG and KQED.

Here is KQED's blurb about the interview:
Forum discusses the history, art and politics of the annual Burning Man festival which starts Monday in the Nevada desert.
Host: Michael Krasny
Brian Doherty, author of "This is Burning Man" and senior editor of Reason Magazine
Larry Harvey, executive director of the Burning Man Project and chairman of Black Rock City, LLC

Here is the link to the archive of the interview:

Here is KFOG's blurb about the interview:
Burning Man is next week...founder Larry Harvey took time out of the busy prep-week to visit KFOG and talk about the phenomenon. This years theme is "Vault of Heaven", and somewhere in the range of 40,000 artists and revelers are expected. You can still participate - tickets available through Have a safe and wondrous journey Fogheads!

They *may* eventually put the interview archive here (see bottom of page for interviews):
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I'm sure you don't need this post, but...

I only went to burning man once. I had a crappy time, but that's a whole 'nuther story. I just want to alert the first timers of potential pitfalls.

As a woman on the playa, make sure you take as many precautions there as you would any club or party you would normally go to. Don't assume that everyone there is totally awesome. I was naive and I got slipped GHB in my drink and was passed out the entire day. Luckily some kind people carried me somewhere safe where I wouldn't get hurt, but some guy out there was drugging women without their consent with a drug that is traditionally used for date rape. After that experience, my immunity was so low on the harsh playa that I got very very sick and had to fly home.

Most people there are very, very, very cool. But there are going to be some dumb kids who go just to party in silly, destructive, disrespectful ways. To each his own, but be wary.

I'm sure you're all too fucking smart for this post, but I just don't want my experience to be repeated. Thanks, and have a blast.