August 27th, 2004

aquatoon -

the desert calls

Hey all!!

Who's excited????

Ok, so my roommate and I decided we MUST go to the Playa!!

(last minute, I know...she's been, and it's my first time)

I just moved to San Francisco (this week) from Florida,
and we agree that this would be an amazing way to start
my new life in California, (don't you agree?)

Anyway, I'm putting out a call to you lovely LJ friends
for 2 tickets should you hear of any available...we prefer not to purchase at the gate of course.


See ya on the Playa!
  • daonnan

This year I am not going..... 2 years ago.....

The Burn.... hugs self tight in AWE... remembers the cycles and the patterns always re occur .... the Darkness of Tonight is the Light of Yesterday and all the Glory found in Tomorrow

and the Glory is still a Mystery, fresh unknown and lovely like the Gnosis of a new Dawn after a Night of fear and revealry


I raise a Toast to the Burn... my Heart is with you!! and I am Consumed.

(note: I am not sure who took that photo, THANK YOU!, I will be glad to credit it if anyone can identify it, the object sticking out of the crowd in the right hand side is one of the 4 fire cauldrons, made by Charlie Smith of Sparseland for that Burn. I had the privledge to be in his camp that year)

Have a great Burn!

aquatoon -

playa weather...

just an fyi -

**news from campmates already on the playa** :

Don't forget to bring respirator and goggles. Mother Nature has kicked it into high gear with rain, dust storms, and whiteouts.
Also expect very cold nights (sometimes 30 degrees) and blazing hot days (around 100).

Bring on the elements!