September 1st, 2004

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Hello From Burning Man

Hello My Darlings -- Hello From Kidsville @ 5:30 and Earth on the Playa,

I am so amazed that we have Wifi now. I was thrilled when I heard we could use it to sign on from Center Camp but I'm in my RV right now using it, yeehaw.

I'm just so worn out, weary, and exhausted I can't think straight let alone stay awake much longer. You know that first day on the playa feeling? Well, that's how Beau and I are feeling right now. We're covered in dust and keep wandering around moving things back and forth, trying so hard to set up and organize our home here.

I have so much to share with you but I am so tired my eyes are rolling up, it's almost five in the morning, maybe I should try to get some sleep?

Will check back in soon...

Anyone want to mail me 250 otter pops on Dry ice?


Dean Goodwin aka, "Original Sin"
Greeter Camp, 5:30 and Mercury
Black Rock City Nevada, You can look up the zip.

Fedex, standard delivery, I will gladly pay you for the cost of mailing, shipping and otter pops, as well as Dry Ice.

Yes, did I mention that they need to arrive Frozen? Please comment hear if you can make this happen, I will gladly bring home enough playa to convince all your friends that you *really* were here, just no-one could find you... which we all know, *can* happen here.
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Hey bay area burners. I have a ticket, but boyfriend doesn't, and we'd rather not buy at the gate. I'll check out CL and eplaya, but want to cover my bases. If anyone in the bay area, or even better the south bay, has a ticket for sale (any price point under gate price) please contact me at and include the ticket number for verification. We aren't playa-bound until mid-day tomorrow so we can come get the ticket tonight, tomorrow morning perhaps, or on our way out of the area.
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