September 2nd, 2004

I have dunes in my tent

But, I checked, no sandworms... yet.

Weather today was "Refreshing", isn't that the word that the Klingon used to describe to Kirk the conditions when the Genesis planet was destroying itself? Yep, "Refreshing"...

Breezes in the 30 MPH range, constant dust, followed by occasional whiteouts, interupted by brief rain. Just enough to send me scurrying off, only to find that it didn't last long enough to do any real damage

Unfortunatly the wind did. My Campdome 6, the old one, has a balky zipper. It sticks, and this week, it broke, kinda, so the door wouldn't shut. And then the storm hit, with the wind, and the mess, and the water, and now the mud... but with mud, you don't get sandworms, (the sandtrout die off), killing the whole dune ecosystem. What do you expect... yep, dune reference after dune reference.... Were all walking around with our goggles, our head coverings, our bandanas, with our camelbacks in our mouths. Fricking Frank Herbert should have gotten royalties from the Camelback people. Were all a bunch of Fremen, dancing our asses off, after thrashing the Harkonnens.

Dune, desert planet... Playa, same damn thing... Just better porta potties.

Off to bed, sleep dep day 5, 1 hour 40 minutes last night, no nap. Were laughing at jokes that would cause us to groan in normal circumstances. So, 6 days, average 2.5 hours, high sleep, 4.3, low 1.4. Wish I could bottle this stuff...

Sent a post card to my REI co-workers.

Wish you were here... Send Glow sticks.

That about sums it up.
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son of/ father of/ burning man

Just got this from the Squidlist:

son of/ father of/ burning man
saturday, sept. 4 2004
baker beach
golden gate end
san francisco
go to baker beach (in the presidio) and head towards the golden gate bridge.
4pm until ??

Not going to Burning Man this year? Because it's gotten too big, too expensive, too over-hyped. Because it's strayed too far from its original ideals. Maybe it's just because you can't stand the heat, the noise, or the porta-potties. Or maybe because there's too many drunken wankers showing up on Friday night, wearing logo T-shirts and freshly-purchased shiny pants from Piedmont, spoiling the vibe and making the place into a desert version of 1015. Or maybe you just think the art theme sucks this year.

Whatever the reason is that you are not going to Burning Man, I'd like to invite you to gather at Baker Beach, the location of the Burn that started it all, on the night of the big Burn in the desert. Celebrate what Burning Man used to be, celebrate what Burning Man has been to you over the years, or protest what it's become. Create an experience of what you'd like it to be. Or just come by and drink by the fire 'till we get thrown off the beach.

Bring food, drinks, and -- of course -- stuff to burn. Any effigy of your choice will do...after all, this is about radical self expression, not dancing around a flaming icon. Burn a man, a woman, a duck... whatever inspires you. Bring your art, stage a performance, or set up a barter mini-bar. Do the stuff you'd be doing in the desert if you weren't too jaded/broke/busy for Burning Man. Do the stuff you can't do in the desert: wear your best costume and a feather boa...dump water on the ground just because you can.

We'll gather beginning at 4:00, for picnicking, on Saturday the 4th at the far end of the beach, closest to the Golden Gate bridge. We'll start burning stuff at Sunset.

Sounds like a plan.