September 9th, 2004

black&white cat


My first Burn and It's been 2 wks out there, I'm finally home. Virgin no more. I Drove in late last night. I already miss Black Rock City terribly. I cried for about an hour on my way out. It was the most amazing, wonderful experience of my life time. I am forever and endearingly changed.

This thought has been rolling around in my head...

"I came to Black Rock City, and fell in love with the Playa and on the Playa, I Made Friends, Shared Love, and Found Camaraderie"

"With A K"
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    Home-made Vault Of Heaven CD someone gifted to me.

"gift" spam

I got back to camp on either Friday or Saturday night and found a bookmark-style flyer (same size, heavier stock paper) stuck in my car window for an event called Motion Notion, taking place next July. If any of the rest of you got one of these, and happened to hang onto it (I think I still have mine), MAIL IT TO THE ORG. And send feedback to katalyst (at) katalystevents (dot) com telling them EXACTLY what you think of this maneuver.
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