September 11th, 2004

Chargin Ahead!!

Back home and Back to the grind!

Wow. Even tho the weather wasn't on our side, at least we had one hell of a time being able to play Eh!! ;) I Love how burningman represents the beginning of a new year for me. One i've missed in 2 years. My Wife Loxie and I did have a great time at Burningman this year and I want to thank everybody for the healing vibes that were granted. I think that in our camp I actually took up a good majority of our healing vibes. Every year I go to burningman my Life changes and it changes for the best.

This year helped me in a long way of spiritual and physical healing. As much as we all love to complain about the dust from the playa, going out there away from our recycled air. The room on the playa is sooo huge and Offers us growth, unlike some of us who sit in cube farms. This year has given me a lot more in the way of personal and spiritual growth and one that makes me stand tall and put my chin back up and walk proud out there everyday. Everyear that I can participate in a
BurningMan or similar environment is what the spiritual doctor has to order.

Thank you Again All for the healing energy that you have given. Thank you all for being the Family. The Family that is known as BurningMan :)

DJ Launchpad
Adam Howe ;)
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The Adventures of Gnome Chomsy

So this Burning Man I didn't have any big -scale art projects
and Since I didn't have time to get the Beans for their return trip to
the black rock playa - I thought I would take along my Glowing Gnome.

I took him everywhere and got about 100 photos of him with people,
places and art within the Burning Man festival.

But in the end ...the poor little Bastard didn't see it comming...
he never thought I would turn on him ... and when the Man fell to the
flames .. the poor little fool was thrown in there to burn with him.
kind like the wicker man- honored throughout the festival and
then Burned at the end.

The next day I went to the temple of dreams and
write him a message of thanks.


We are a culture of runaways. We are running away from lives that don't fulfill us and give us the answers we desire. We sacrifice our comforts and expose ourselves to the harshness of a desert storm. The wind blows through our weaknesses' tearing away the pieces we have held on to to protect what little we call our own. We are exposed and breathless in the momentum of the force of nature that we succumb too. We retreat inside for a final solitary moment of protection but than there is a light that pierces through the dust and leads us out to the unknown. There we find the remnants of what was and we leave foot prints through the dust and we see the path of others. We follow it as it takes us on a journey across a vast span of nothingness. Than we see that these are in fact our own footprints and we have just come full circle - we have been on our own path all along but we could not recognize it. We are home.
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Corwin Neptune


The Garnish Fire Conclave

This is a photo of my fire conclave group inside the Great Circle during the Burn. We've been performing with the Burning Man Fire Conclave for years, and it's a thrill every time. Thanks to everyone for the incredible experience. See you in 2005!
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Reality vs The Default 50

Ok, here's a little tiny pet peeve of mine for you all to ponder. Bear with me, as it takes a wee bit of set up.

Most of us have experienced going to Burning Man and taking some time to adjust to the different culture that exists there. After a few days we get used to it and are fine for the next week.

And most of us have experienced living here, in the standard western culture for a couple of decades. But when we return from BM it still takes a few days to become reacclimated.

What this tells me is that neither culture is more authentic or correct or real, they are just based on different sets of conventions. More people subscribe to the one set than the other, but clearly, some of us don't have any problem switching back and forth, and are inclined to do so on a regular basis.

So, given that, can we stop using the phrase "real world" to describe where we are physically located most of the time? Saying this is the Real one both lessens the value of the Burning Man experience (because it's not "real"), and also makes it more difficult to generate that flavor of interaction here (again, because it's "not real").

I'm fond of "default world" or "the other 50 weeks" or maybe just "the default 50" to describe the time we spend residing in places other than Black Rock City.

Language is powerful. Choose your words carefully.

Cheers, Ziptie
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Assault on Burn Night

On Sunday morning, I awoke to a bit of a shock. When I went to say my good-byes to my fellow Media Team members, I learned that my co-worker Dennis, aka Flackmaster, had been assaulted the previous night near the Temple. He spent a few hours in Medical Services before being released. This was very upsetting, but it was heartening to see his friends and co-workers rally around to support him. He's a gentle soul with a great sense of humor, and the backbone of the Media Team. I saw him Sunday afternoon. Despite having his arm in a sling, his body bruised up and a possible concussion, he showed up to help strike camp, even though we had extra folks and told him we had it under control. He's just *that* kind of guy, so I find it even more upsetting this happened to him.

Anyway, my good friend and Media Team Manager Jim Graham has put out an APB explaining the situation, and asking people to come forward with information. Here is his most recent letter:


Hey all,

One of my media team captains, Dennis Hinkamp, was assaulted after the burn Saturday night out near the temple. A guy in clown face paint pushed him off his bike and when Dennis got up the guy continued hitting him and stole his bike.

REMSA misdiagnosed his broken arm (that's another story) and I got word yesterday that Dennis will now require surgery to install a small plate and screws that will allow him to regain full use of his arm.

He got a tip yesterday that members of a "clown camp" around 9 o'clock and Earth were discussing that someone there named Johnny had beaten up a guy and stolen his bike. The person who provided the tip said that this guy thought it was a joke but later regretted it.

I'm going to write a blurb for the Jack Rabbit Speaks asking people for information on this camp, but until then I wanted to get this out to all of you on the chance that you all might know something about this camp or know someone who camped there. If you could email me privately or post info here, I would greatly appreciate it. I want this guy found and I want him prosecuted.


Jim Graham
Media Team Operations Manager

Random Question

I know this is a long shot, but I have to try. I saw a quote on the temple this year that really struck a chord with me. I should have taken a picture of it, but at the time it just didn't occur to me. I know it's a quote I have seen somewhere else, but despite numerous attempts, I haven't been able to locate it anywhere. It really means a lot to me, so I'm going to give this a try. It goes something like this:

All my life I was searching for beauty
But I never found it,
Until I stopped looking
And then beauty was all around me.

Does anyone know this quote?? Though the meaning is still intact, I'd love to get the wording right.

Thanks much!