September 13th, 2004

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i think this might be slightly restating something just said but...

i find it interesting that most of the folks who i have heard express disappointment in the art didn't make any themselves

i wonder if last year was so over the top a lot of folks felt like they couldn't compete.

there were still tons of installations that i was really impressed by,
in concept or experience.

quasar was brilliant. i want that in my camp so i can sleep in it
the whatever it was alien world exploration unit was amazing
the Egg shaped jungle gym was great
the thing that you could lay beneath and spin around to what time of night it was and it had rings to show you where the different constellations are was great
and... the diver.... nuff said.

i didn't see many of the installations, but the 1 to 2.7 billion installation ("a precise scale model of the solar system") is a brilliant idea

there was a lot of brilliant art, there just wasn't as much art overall
and there weren't massive objects hanging or spinning or melting
or solar powered LED lillypads, roses or corn fields

but it also seems that most folks who have complained about the art didn't see a lot of the stuff i did
and i'm not sure i would've if i did have a delightful snail to take me out to them
(although i went by them all on bike two or three times after visiting them in the car)
and in people's pictures i'm seeing lots of stuff i never saw that looks great, too

and i think the terrain was an issue for folks visiting art
given the sand issue, i was surprised at how most art was placed out in the middle of nowhere
and less art was lining the walkway to the man

Given the existence of the Black Rock Arts Foundation. Art seems like it's the key focus of the organization, so presumably this trend will be corrected. hopefully just because a lot of folks will think
"wow. there wasn't a lot of art out there this year, i'm going to make sure to do (or help with) something next year!"

New Day's Eve

Thanks to everyone who stopped by New Day's Eve and said hello. I am sorry that I missed the LJ gathering, but I was working. It happens.

If anyone has any stories or pictures from New Day's Eve, please let me know. I would love to share them with my campmates.
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