September 14th, 2004

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Livejournal Party Guest List

I would consider the 1st Star Dust Covered Live Journal Party a success. We had a decent showing of people who identified as LJers and a very big crowd of people dancing and drinking at the Wonderlounge all night. What follows is just the list of people that signed my guest book but I know there were others I missed -- if I missed you please respond with a comment! You can find a few pictures from this night in my gallery here. I have no idea who anyone is in them though. :P

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I hope to see more of you next year -- maybe we can plan in advance and actually get on the schedule. Who's up for it? We've got at least 45 weeks to plan.

Hope your burn was as fantastic as mine! I made a real friend that night!

Update: I can't guarantee any of these people were really there. As always, any document from the Burn should be taken with a grain of salt.
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Bellydance Invasion Contact Info needed

Does anyone know where I can get in touch with the people who organized the Belly Dance invasion of the man? I just happened to be out there taking photos of the manw hen they happened to start their procession and I got some fantastic black and white photos of them I'd like to share with them. If anyone has any contact information regarding them, I would love to have it!

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post brc cleaning

Hey, this may sound silly but has anyone found any good cleaning tips for the playa dust that permiates your life after leaving BRC. After 4 years I still strugle after the 5th car wash when I see the water dry and a fine film of dust re-emerge on my honda. Or like, the vinegar makes the clothes wash better but causes the body paint stains to set.

so yeah...any good tips.

How do you save for BM?

I decided this will be the LAST year I miss Burning Man! :sob:

How do you save? Cash in your loose change? savings account? Coffee can of bills? Are you independantly wealthy and want to buy a lil old MN girl a ticket? :wink:

Time to start thinking about next year's ticket purchase! :)
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