September 30th, 2004

Burning Man a vault to heaven? Or hell?

Hello, I need some feedback from the community. I am working on another Anthropology paper for class and the subject of the class is Magic, Withcraft and Religoin (pretty cool huh?) Anyways I of course chose to write on BM. The following is a draft of my intro to the paper and some questions I look to answer. Your feedback on those questions would be greatly appreciated!


Burning Man a vault to heaven? Or hell?
by TNG

When traversing the city of Burning Man, you will find structures that have been labeled as temples for example, The Temple of Atonement and Temple of Stars (2004). The very themes of the event can also be interpreted to have some religious merit as in The Vault of Heaven (2004). During the Beyond Belief themed event in 2003, participants found themselves traveling on roads named: Dogma, Faith, Gospel, Sacred and Profane. One religious journalist described the actual figure of the man as a “religious icon ”and its platform a “temple ”and the event of the actual burning a “ritual burning ”.

With all these religious references, do the participants of burning man find religion very much a part of their experience? Is Burning Man a type of religion or spiritual avenue? Or, is it simply an exploration of various religious ideals and concepts of spirituality? That is what I hope to explore.