October 5th, 2004


Eugene to SF Decompression rideshare OFFER

Hi. I am planning to go to Decompression this weekend in SF. The itinerary is to leave VERY early Saturday morning and drive to SF. I will be returning to Eugene Monday, again, very early. I have a huge van with room for lots of people/costumes/props...etc. I also have a friend coming down from Portland who is looking for a ride to my place Friday. I have space at my house for people to crash on Friday night so that we can all leave early Saturday morning.

You will be responsible for your own transportation and place to stay while in the city.

All I am asking in return is help with buying gas for this trip.
  • skazat

FOUND: Digital Camera - Andenken Gallery (Denver CO) 10/1/04

I *know* that this is sort of a long shot, but:

We found a Digital Camera at the last opening at the Andenken Gallery in Denver, CO. It had some videos of Burning Man on it, although none of us recognize the peeps on it; here are the specs:

Canon Powershot S330 Digital Elph

If you know who's it is, please call the gallery at:


Just please identify what may be on the camera's memory card and pick it up!


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