November 4th, 2004

Cell phones at Burning Man?

I just got this e-mail. Cell phones at Burning Man would make me very very sad. I love being cut off from the world and I love being able to spend time with people without the interuptions of cell phones, pagers ect. like in the "real world". It bothers me so much.

The e-mail:

Regarding a proposed cell tower in the Gerlach area, from Joseph Pred:

I bear important news on this topic that will ease almost everyone's concerns here... I have confirmed that the cell phone provider is Air Peak Communications. They are going to provide a proprietary Nextel type service and only their phones will work on the system. Analog will not be active and regular Nextel phones will not work either even though it is an iDen system. Nor will they offer mobile booster kits for their phones. That means that only a very small percentage of cell phones will work in the general area. That said, after speaking with a company rep they believe coverage will not be out on the playa further than gate road, so that limits it even further.

We're safe, for now, from roving bands of spectators with cell phones... WHEW!

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