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Thursday, December 9th, 2004

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Gifting it around the world....
azad_slide posted a great piece on politicsforum on global poverty, and I encourage you to check it out and find your way to reach out to those in need this holiday season.

I struggled for years with wanting to help those in need but feeling like most structures were not efficient or resourceful in their aid efforts....so I started a new network to make it happen on an international grassroots level.

We work with grassroots development projects around the world, connecting everyday citizens with vital programs to help kids (and adults) build healthier lives. Our goal is to create a culture of conscious compassion through groundbreaking multimedia projects and international aid partnerships.

To learn more about our Bridge to Bodhgaya, visit www.amoration.org

We believe that amazing networks of resource-sharing can be built one partner at a time, and we encourage anyone and everyone to find a way to give a bit of themselves this holiday season. Donations of time, talent and resources are always welcome! Paypal and credit card donations can also be sent to http://www.ihcenter.org/groups/amoration.html

We have a community here on lj: amoration has updates on our work as well as links to amazing partner groups around the world who are promoting positive action. Come join in and learn new ways to get involved around the world!
Hi everyone.
I'm posting to introduce myself and to ask a favor. I'm a student at NYU and writing a research paper/article on Burning Man for a truly fabulous class that I'm in right now. I want the article to be based on and driven by interviews with as many people as possible about their experiences at Burning Man. The article's going to explore how Burning Man fulfills the need for ritual in American society where Puritan religion has made most ritual taboo and considered 'unclean,' the idea of cathartic trangression, of sacred space, of the intersection and reversal of the sacred and the profane, and lots of other fun stuff (I'd like to say here that I'm not as big a nerd as I sound like, but that'd be a big lie). So, if anyone's interested in being interviewed via email/livejournal/AIM/however, please post a comment saying so (I'm also under a time constraint, so the sooner the better:)
Thanks so much, and much love.

P.S. Yes, this is obnoxiously X-posted.

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Art Car!!!!
(Crossposted to my journal and burning_man.)

The Herkimer is for sale!!!!!!

I so wish I'd won the lottery recently...

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