December 20th, 2004

On Community Support -

So, someone recently posted a link to (really good, I thought) art they produce and sell (political tee shirts). Dude was *immeadiately* shot down as being a commerce whore, a spam bot etc. Now, I'm the first one to abhore advertising and BurningMan is NOT about commerce.....HOWEVER.....

However, we aint in the idyllic, (commerce free) Desert. We *are* in a society that puts money before art and is VERY hostile to individual creation, expression and self-support outside "normal means" question is this:

Isn't it perhaps more important to support each other's artistic endeavors than to cling to a tenant that, while fantastic in nature, can be *very* limiting in how we spread the importance of art and exprerssion HERE, on this side of the Greeters Station?

It's not like the guy was selling car insurance. In my very humble opinion, if we do not adapt and find ways to support each other then there's no reason anyone else will and this Desert social experiement will stay right where it started - in the dirt.

Please flame away but start by asking yourself how amazing it would feel if we could support each other's artisic endeavors outside BRC - with the most powerful medium in America....because, until we change it, that medium is still money.