December 22nd, 2004

NYC: a way cool New Year's Eve celebration: December 31, 2004: Body Temple's New Year's Eve Celebrat

NYC: a way cool New Year's Eve celebration: December 31, 2004: Body Temple's New Year's Eve Celebration!
December 31, 2004: Body Temple's New Year's Eve Celebration!!!

Body Temple resident DJs Haj (Rhythm Oasis, Sonic Jihad) and Fabian Alsultany (GlobeSonic / Earth n Bass) will be spinning their ecstatic global weave of breakbeatin madness to global dance tracks from around the planet. Both DJs have been the solid musical foundation for the last two years and will be taking us on a musical journey til the first dawn of the new year.

Midnight ecstatic ritual instigation by the Electric Earth Dancers and Body Temple Percussion Collective.

All night the divine _expression awakens in the waves of the roving stages in sacred freak community space ... performances, human art installations, make-up and body painting by Galaxy Girls -
Costumes by Sequoia Emmanuelle.

Tickle your boundaries of sensual exploration and satiate curiosities in the playfully erotic Licking Lounge, featuring the sweet raw pleasure of Agave Nectar. Facilitations by Tantric Couple Susi & Ty and Jena & her Girlfriends. Didjeridoo dancefloor aiding and abetting by TranceBreath ...

Scroll down to the bottom for details on the early workshop by Parashakti and TranceBreath at 7:00 pm for a deeper exploratory experience.
Healers of various modalities offer their gifts of grounding and/or uplifting in affordable on-site sessions, Osho
Rebalancing Massage by Vilina.
Vegetarian Live Food, elixers, insane raw chocolate decadence available for purchase from
The Good Witch Shanti Devi Michal Sensual & Visual Art curator: Garon Peterson.
Plus many more performers, dancers, and artists.

Body Temple is an alcohol free, drug free, high on life event!

Must be 18 or older to enter.
Bring photo ID with birthdate.

Advance tickets are available for $25. Door price is $30
(This event will sell out. Tickets may not be available at
the door). To ensure your participation and enjoy the
advance $25 rate you can pay with your credit card or
direct payment from your bank account using PayPal on their

Your support is appreciated and goes towards a great cause. Part of the proceeds from Body Temple events are donated to non-profit environmental organizations.

Ready for deeper exploration?
Join us earlier at 7 PM for unique celebration with special three-hour Journey.
TranceBreath's guided Social Play Meditation, followed by "Dancing with the Forces of Creation" Ecstatic Chanting, Dancing and Journeying, with Parashakti & the Shakti Spirits, Body Temple performers, and surprise guests. As we bring in the new, we reflect upon the teachings and blessings of the past year, and embrace the gifts of new
beginnings. We will let go of the old, as we plant our intentions for the future. This will be a mythic journey using shamanic kirtan chanting, world ceremony, ecstatic dancing,
breathwork, and healing meditation. Come and join us for what will be a unique workshop
experience, as we travel through the darkness, into the light of the transformed soul.

Advance tickets to "Dancing with the Forces of Creation" are available for $40. The $40 ticket includes free admission to the party (party begins 10:30 PM).
Price at the door is $50 (only if tickets still available). To ensure your participation and enjoy the $40 rate you can pay with your credit card or direct payment from your bank account using PayPal on their site.

The workshop and the party take place at the beautiful Grand Space in Brooklyn, with easy subway ride from Manhattan or short taxi ride from downtown Manhattan (around $13):

Grand Space
778 Bergen Street
between Washington and Grand
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
For full subway/taxi/driving directions:

Body Temple is a non-profit organization. Donations are vital for our community work and are
tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. You can make your donation using PayPal on their site.

To be notified of the next Body Temple events and parties send email to

Find out about the Body Temple Membership. For more information or to be on our
special announcements list email
Full details/to pay by paypal @
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