December 29th, 2004

  • star5

minnesota new year's eve party

a bunch of minnesota burners are getting together to throw a fabulous new year's party.

ILLUSION 2005: an optical journey into the new year

Friday 31 December 2004 - 9PM - LATE
18+ $10
540 Fairview Ave. (Just off University), St. Paul

there will be djs, dancing, live performances, optical art, stan the 3-D man, interactive video art, giveaways, secret surprises & more. the theme is optical illusions. there will be all kinds of fun visuals to confuse your eyes.

email velouria at waste dot org with any questions

links to the flyers..

dome update

it's coming along nicely in the virtual sense.  here's a bitmap of my 'puter screen.

now i just need to add the solar oven, solar panels, and some misting dohickies and more craziness.  and then actually build it... which i plan on documenting with photos as well.  this is going to be  fun...!!