February 8th, 2005

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zine release

juliette oblivion number four: i spent the summer
traveling in china


two new Bradypus zines!

february 8, 2005
8 pm

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san francisco

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a new lunar year

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the wizard.
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in the SF Chronicle today...

School year's early start burns parents

by Heather Knight

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

The Board of Education is expected to approve the school district's calendar for the 2005-06 academic year tonight -- but not before a spirited debate among parents over when classes should begin.

There have long been arguments among parents over whether school should start before or after Labor Day, with the former winning out the past several years.

This year, however, brings a new wrinkle -- the 20th anniversary of the Burning Man art festival in the wastelands of Nevada is scheduled for Aug. 29- Sept. 5. In an only-in-San Francisco argument, several parents are demanding that school start Sept. 6 so their children can attend the event.

Unfortunately for the Burning Man contingent, the board is expected to set Aug. 29 as the first day of school.

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