March 3rd, 2005

Just me

Save the date! (on the playa!!)

Our camp is already in full swing with Burning Man preparations so I thought I would go ahead and get started with giving a heads-up about our LJ cocktail party on the playa! It's Wednesday August 31st 'early evening' or whenever the sun isn't blazing anymore. Anyway - we hope you can meet us at Camp Love-Bites. There will be an event posting on the calendar at shortly.

Bring your own cup (BYOC) - and some courage if you'd like to get a love-bite. ;-) Or - heck - bring your own love-bites to share!

If you'd like to meet folks going to Burning Man who also want to meet up - join meet_n_greet05. See you there!


the photo above is by Jim Hair.
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Magic Carpet

Soul Candy! A Hookahdome Benefit

Hookahdome would like to invite you to its first ever fundraising event on March 12 in Oakland, CA. If you've experienced Hookahdome at BRC, you may expect the same sublime and intimate vibe at this event. All-night dancing to our signature sound, fire spinning, silhouette dancing, chill areas, full-service hookah lounge, pro lighting/effects & projections, expert belly dancers, masseuses on duty, cheap drinks, cool people, crazy costumes, and tasty treats served with a dose of flirtatious eye contact.

Event: Hookahdome Episode 1: Soul Candy!
When: Saturday, March 12 / 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.
Where: Oakland, CA venue (Exact address TBA on website)
Tickets: $20 online (Buy Tickets)

This party is intended to help fund some of the fantastic innovations we have up our sleeve for Burning Man 2005. All proceeds from your ticket price will directly help fund the expense of exhibiting the Hookahdome again in all her glory.

Burnin' Bush

I just discovered that more happens out in the Black Rock than just burning man. Burnin Bush is one. A much smaller event. Very loosely organized. Much more radical self-reliance since there is nothing provided. Seems to me that this is what burning man must have been years ago. A couple hundred people getting together for fun and firearms. They also do metalworking workshops, ceramics and welding. It's the July 4th weekend.