April 15th, 2005

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The Mach12e: The Rise of the Machine (benefit in Seattle Saturday)

Life is movement. Everything transforms itself, everything modifies itself ceaselessly, and to try to stop it . . . seems to me a mockery of the intensity of life.
- Jean Tinguely

A fundraiser for THE MACHINE, one of the most technical and interactive sculptures to ever hit the playa! This multi-storied mechanical form will be created and destroyed by the inhabitants of Black Rock City. For a full description, visit http://www.themach12e.org. You can see sketches, models and videos of the project at http://www.themach12e.org/sketches.html.
Saturday, April 16th
@ Big Building - 3600 East Marginal Way South
(corner of Spokane and East Marginal Way S - under the viaduct)
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Me - Boat
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a gallery opening!

time is drawing nigh, and I'm beginning to feel that the more I talk about this and the more support I get, the more impetus I'll have to get my ass in gear.. and where better to look for support and encouragement than from the community that it represents.

I'm doing a gallery opening at the end of the month featuring my burning man photography of the last couple of years.

click here to see!

not that most of you will be able to come, of course, being from Boston, but I'll try to bring the spirit of the playa to more people..
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