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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

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Time running out for Burning Man Alternate Artists

TheNetworkGirl - Borg2 Art Council


Time running out for Burning Man Alternate Artists

San Francisco, CA -- April 27, 2005 -- BORG2, a Burning man splinter group alternate artist's funding organization reminds all artists looking for funding that the Deadline for submission is May 1st.

BORG2 is a experimental project founded by Chicken John, self styled 'Defender of Justice' who challenged Burning Man founder Larry Harvey to an 'Art Duel' with the goal of getting more Art out to the annual event in the Black Rock Desert with democratically chosen funding and to demonstrate 'a radically collaborative community-based process to fund and curate public works of art.

The BORG2 is dedicated to making the Art of the Burning Man 2005 event SPECTACULAR. Towards this goal, BORG2 is running a demonstration project using MASSIVELY Collaborative DO-MOCRACY as a means to inspire, facilitate, curate and fund public works of art for Burning Man.

Artist submissions could not be easier, as a visit to http://www.borg2.org/artists.php3 shows. Artists need to include a Description of the Artwork which should be as complete as possible, explaining the concepts involved, along with a budget outline and safety provisions in the time for the May 1st deadline.

Between the deadline and the voting date, the BORG2 Art Curators, Rosanna and Doyle of the Madagascar Institute, New York, will review the proposals and work with artists should any areas need clarification.

Voting takes place May 26 thru 29th after which votes are tallied up, winners being picked from the most votes, down the line till the Art Fund is gone.

For information http://www.borg2.org or
How long until we Burn on Mars?
Click below to see an animated .gif of a dust-devil on mars as recently photographed by a Mars Rover.


Does it remind you of anywhere in particular? ;)

Puts a whole new spin on the 'flight 2 mars' theme camp!

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