May 11th, 2005

Swinging Tig

Asylum Village presents SWANK IV: PROM NIGHT

Asylum Village presents SWANK IV: PROM NIGHT

Saturday, May 14th 9PM to 4AM
M1-5 Club, 52 Walker Street (bet Broadway and Church), Manhattan
J M N Q R W 6 to Canal Street
$5 Cover 21 and over
*Bad formal wear strongly encouraged

Save the date! Get a date! Get out those blue tuxedos, the bad formal
wear, and the dyed green corsages... collect the buckets of pig
blood, rent that red 86 bitchin Camaro, take the awkward prom photos,
vote for your king and queen.... spike the punch! Drink too many wine
coolers! Stay out past curfew! Lose your virginity! And get ready to
pull one over on the chaperones..... its PROM NIGHT!

Girls Underwear
Drink Specials
Spiked Punch
Awkward Slow Dances
Prom Kings and Queens
Stagbusters Dating Service
Prom Photo Booth
Countdown to the New Day at midnight (New Days Eve Camp)
The After Prom Hotel (Orgasmateria)
Your MC: Drunken Redheaded Slut #2 (Whiskey and Whores Saloon)

Visuals provided by Joshua Goldberg (Disorient)

Dance floor grooves provided by
DJ Chrome (,
ShaneDigital (, EnCoAr),
SheldonDrake (Baltimore, NYC)
Friar Tuck (LA, NYC)
BenJammin (NYC)

Spinning retro 80's, house, funky breaks, and old school jams to take
you back.

*Plus a special not-to-miss Bucket o' Blood
performance by Amy Shapiro!!!

Dont forget the breath spray!
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