June 2nd, 2005

  • goat


A recent thread on my massage mailing list has got me thinking. Recent research seems to show that alcohol hand sanitizers actually promote infection, due to breaking down the skin's natural barriers. I figure this is of at least some concern to the burner community, since many of us rely on alcohol based hand sanitizers while out on the playa.

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This year, I think I'll bring an alcohol-free formula (perhaps a 2% tea tree oil concoction; Zim's Hand Sanitizer - which, at least according to this article, seems like the best bet; or an herbal hand sanitizer)...and I figured I'd throw out the suggestion to all of you.

Besides, I've always had a gut reaction against hand sanitizers (or anything that claims to kill that many germs, or generally being germ phobic), but on the playa, sanitation options become scarce, since water is limited. And hey, those portapotties are gross.