June 15th, 2005

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more of an opinion thing...

hi, i just joined this community. my name's jamaica, and i'll be going to burning man for the first time this year.

i wanted to ask all of you a question that's probably more opinion than fact.

aside from food/water, and a bike, what would YOU say is the most important thing to bring to burning man. both material, and non-material. i'm just interested in what anyone would have to say in answer, because i've already heard so many different things.
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Hair on the playa

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my hair while I'm out on the playa this year. Last year I got lots of braids with colored extensions, which was wonderful, if heavy....but my cheap braider moved out of town.

What do you do with your hair?

(Sorry for the kind of inane and shallow question...but my hair is long and super curly, and I'm not sure how I can make it survive the playa...Can't do the spray in conditioning and lots of brushing that my straight haired friends do. Hopefully these ideas are helpful for other people too.)
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A Training Memory.

A couple of years ago, tongodeon and I were in our Red Cross Wilderness First Responder class that we were taking in order to expand our capabilities as Rangers. 'Cause when you roll up on someone who's face-down in their own sick or got a flap of skin hanging off their lower leg from a nasty encounter with uncapped rebar, it's nice to feel useful.

One evening, the subject at hand was nasal intubation. Basically inserting a tube through the nostril down into the trachea to assist breathing. We had a rubber dummy head to work on as they taught us how to pick the right size of tube.

The assistant instructor said "You'll want to use a water-based lubricant when inserting the breathing tube. You should keep some in your kit, because it'll probably something you won't find easily in the field." This being a wilderness-based first-aid class, they were also teaching us how to improvise with what we might find in our immediate environment.

Off-handedly, I said "Oh, we'll be at Burning Man. Water-based lube shouldn't be hard to come by."

Shooting me a quizzical look, he asked "Do you guys do a lot of nasal intubations out there?"

"No," I responded. "We're just freaky like that."

He paused again, thought for a moment, and went right back to the lecture.