June 17th, 2005

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Another question from a first-timer: From reading the website, it looks like there's no cell reception at Black Rock City, but there is a directory of walkie talkie frequencies folks are using. In the opinion of those who've been before, would it be a good idea to take a walkie talkie or two, even if I'm going by myself?

Burning Man tickets for sale!

Hey I just came across this community and I dont know much about Burning man but my girlfriend loves it..
she bought tickets for this years events and now we are unable to make it.
we have two tickets that we would like to sell.
I am not sure on the price or how to get them to you. but we are from Nevada
I think she bought the tickets for $450 so anyone interested write me at
perfectangel420@yahoo.com or respond to this post
thank you so much

Panty Camp needs your panties!!!

hidey ho, burners! i'm writing today with a little plea for help. Panty Camp is on it's third year of providing Black Rock City with clean underthings and we're running out of panties! we rely on donations to run our camp, and we need your panties.

but wait, there is something in it for you...

send us 6 or more panties and we'll send you one back with "The Man" printed on the butt!

click here for more details and a pic.

and give www.pantycamp.org a visit to see what we're all about.

see yas on the playa!
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