June 27th, 2005


Bespectacled Burners

Hullo there! I have a newbie question (tired of them yet??) for all you bespectacled burners out there..

I am blind as a bat and so will have to wear glasses or contacts on the playa at all times. I'm having a lot of trouble finding goggles that will fit over my glasses, but I'm concerned about wearing contacts in the desert (I have very dry eyes and I can't wear daily throwaway contacts.) I was wondering if you would mind sharing your experience dealing with glasses or contacts at Burning Man, and perhaps any suggestions you may have? My eye doctor of course said something to the effect of 'if you wear contacts in the desert for a week, you'll get conjunctivitis and go blind!' which I imagine is an exaggeration, but I am concerned. Perhaps a good source for over-the-glasses goggles would be helpful as well.. I'm just having no luck with this specific task..

Thanks so much! You all have been so helpful with your comments to all us newbies.I can't wait to hit the Playa!
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