July 15th, 2005

clara bow

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so i had pretty much decided not to go to burning man this year, because of school, and i'm also trying to save money for a trip to mexico and guatemala this coming winter. but last night i had this dream of being intensely depressed about missing it. i seem to remember in the dream being at burning man for a split second--and then having to leave. and just having been in that intensified reality, back to normal life, was just so depressing in my dream that i was so upset and just so desperate to somehow get back, and i couldn't find a way, and it was killing me that burnign man was happening and i wasn't there.
so i'm thinking, maybe i'll go. maybe i'll leave thursday night, miss school on friday, stay the weekend, and return on labor day. and i have a burning man scholarship, so i only have to pay $95 at the gate. i'm realizing that i can pull this off without missing much school and without spending too much money. now my only obsticle is finding a ride...
well i'm glad i finally came to a decision which makes me happy. :D
see you on the playa!

Burning Man Stamp Project - Seeking Female Plus Sized Pinups

NOTE: I am not the contact person for this project! Please contact Friendly Jen either on Tribe or at nerdgrl(at)yahoo(dot)com for more information.

Forwarded from Tribe:

As a black rock city post office (BRCPO) employee I'm hoping to do my part in fighting fat phobia by creating a series of stamps that feature hot, sexy, larger women. No woman with a photo or image of herself will be turned away based on size (even if you are skinny). I am also creating a series of postcards. If you choose to participate you will recieve at least one complete set of the stamps produced in this effort and a set of the postcard series.

It is also important to note that although I am seeking females if you are a female who is more comfortable sending in a photo or image of you and your partner (male, female, or trans) that is also totally fine.

I contacted the person putting this together, and she had the following additional information:

I would prefer images at 300dpi, but basically will accept any photo that makes the girl feel sexy (nudity, alt lifestyle, BDSM, whatever are all ok). The focus is on fat being sexy and beautiful whatever that means to the person submitting the image.

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anyone with tickets to sell...

Since there seem to be quite a few folk who need to sell off their extra/unusable tickets, I humbly submit the following for your consideration...

I am a one-time Burner (2001) recently relocated to the Bay Area from the midwest. This year, because I'm no longer 3,000 miles away, I'll be able to return home. What's more, now I'll be able to share it with my husband (who sacrificed his own ticket last time so that I could afford to go) as well as several close friends who will be out here working with us this fall. Therefore, I am in the market for 4-6 tickets, and would like to get them as reasonably priced as possible since I'm still absorbing the cost of my cross-country move.

I guarantee that any ticket you have for sale would go to a truly deserving, creative participant, whose soul will be nourished by the experience of the Burn - not just some shmuck looking for a nekkid people party. (However, if you're into things nekkid, I will gladly provide you with one of my trademark playa gifts: a pinwheel handmade out of old porno mags.)

So please, help a fellow Burner out by contacting Zeldachik [at] aol [dot] com if you're selling below the $250 price point. (Ultimately four of us could scrape up $1000 and buy tickets at Distractions - but that might leave two of my friends out in the cold. Plus every dollar we save on the tickets is a dollar that could go towards supplies, art, etc.)

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my plea!

be well!
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