July 18th, 2005


Artcar in a hurry

This isn't strictly BM related, but I am desperate for ideas. If this is too unrelated, I will understand the deletion.

I work for a car-sharing program in Mpls/St. Paul and we want to enter one of our cars in the upcoming art car parade and rally. For publicity of course, but our main goals is promoting emergy and fuel efficiency through car-sharing. Our website is www.hourcar.org

The Rally is this weekend. We need IDEAS!! ANY ideas are helpful. It must be removable and non-damaging and use the decals on the front door panel. Idealing something to do with fuel effiency and/or car-sharing.

I thought some art-car, DMV folks might have some ideas floating around in those heads! So, pelase, any and ALL ideas are appreciated. :D And if you're in the Mpls, St. Paul area and would like to help, the more the merrier!


I just got my very first Burning Man ticket.

It's the trippiest ticket I've ever seen.

I'm vibrating with excitement.

Can you feel me?
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