July 26th, 2005



Interesting that the last post in this community was about Wicker Man, because here we have Transformus, another Burning Man spinoff, if you will... And Amanda from cycle 3 of "America's Next Top Model" is pictured at the bottom of the page....topmodel is where
I found the link...
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Anyone need a ride to the playa?

Our party rocket will be leaving the Portland Spaceport on the morning of Saturday 8/27 and arriving in Black Rock City Sunday evening. We are looking for pirate recruits who would like to travel in style and wouldn't mind stopping and enjoying hot springs on the way. Ideally passengers would contribute to the rocket fuel fund so we can provide hospitality on the playa as well.

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Interstate five speed limit strict enforcement

It has been all over the popular press in Los Angeles, especially the News Shows. But some burners don't subsribe to the popular press. (I got this on from my dad that still mixes the news sometimes at CBS), live interviews, the whole thing.

Cal Highway Patrol wants you to know that the speed limit on I5 is still 70 MPH. They are now writing at 74 MPH. Yes, its legal, yes, they are giving LOTS of tickets, and you can be sure they will be doing it even more so, during 'our travel time'.

Their stated goal, is to reduce the average speed on I5, in all of california, **** Back to 72 MPH***.

Just so you know folks...