July 29th, 2005

new years

So a couple years ago now...

So a couple years ago, some shit went down where I was royally screwed byt a friend. I mean, HARD CORE . I basically wrote her out of my life, told her she was a shitty ass person and I wanted nothing to do with her. Now, I am trying to gain back that friendship. I'm not sure why. I think i'm tired of being a bitchy old nag that holds grudges for ever. There is no reason to live that way. While we will never be best friends again, I hope to still be in her life. I have been happy. I don't want to harbor hate and aggression. Its negative. I am slowly eliminating all removable negativity from my life. So for these reasons I guess, I am apologizing to her.
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:: personal fundraising project ::

Hello all!
I am going to be a first time burner this year. But I have run into a teensy weensey problem.
I came up really short on fundage to attend (my fault, poor planning) and I had an idea of a way to raise the money I need to attend. Making hand-painted tank tops. Possibly with the burning Man logo on it and something else, the persons name or camp name or something. I dunno. I'd be selling them online, not in a booth or anything, basically posting about it on this group, my journal, myspace, craigslist and wherever else I possibly can for free.

So my questions for you all are:
- would you or someone you know consider buying one of these Burning Man tanks?
- I would guess that most people would wear these to the event, and there is dust, so black would not be a practical shirt color, what would be better? Gray?
- would you recommend just a creatively made design of the logo? Or possibly adding a particular burning man "word" or "catch phrase" that i may not be aware of as a newbie? Or even like I said, offering to add the name of a camp or group or something?

if I get a decent amout of positive replies about this then I will make one and post a picture of that and then see what the responses are.

If you're interested in seeing some of the other stuff I have done (in a personal style that i do not necessarily have to apply to THIS project) please follow these links: ||.1.||        ||.2.||        ||.3.||        ||.4.||        ||.5.||        ||.6.||        ||.7.||        ||.8.||        ||.9.||        ||.10.||        ||.11.||        ||.12.||        ||.13.||        
or hell... if you like any of these I am selling those too! haha!

in any case, I thank you for your time in reading this and commenting your $.02