August 1st, 2005

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to my inquiry last week (about the pros and cons of BM).
I totally appreciate the time and effort y'all extended in your responses.

clara bow

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i just emailed my co-workers (all 7 of them) and told them i was going to burning man, and if anyone could cover for me for about a week, i'd love them forever.

wish me luck!!

Apartment opening in LA Burner Community

Hiya Folks!

Here's the scoop. I currently reside in a kick-ass apartment building in Valley Village (North Hollywood, only better!). It's a 6 unit, gated building, managed by friends and occupied by Burning Man folk and other young, cool, creative, open-minded types. Two apartments are opening up: my one-bedroom upstairs (I'm moving to Hollywood with a friend of mine to save on rent) and the downstairs studio. This is a really great opportunity. The rent is more than reasonable, the managers are awesome (very attentive and approachable and just generally fabulous), and the neighbors are all really fun people. We have the occassional big crazy building party, and often work together on Variety Shows, costume workshops, fundraisers and the like. We're even having a building-wide garage sale this Sunday (08/07). The building has been nic-named The Asylum, and it's got a really beautiful sense of community. I admit, I'm reluctant to leave (and will probably be around all of the time, anyway). Pass this on to any Burner friendly types. It's really important to preserve the sense of community, so we're looking for people who will gel with our motley crew of actors/dancers/seamstresses/photographers/side-show artists/fetish models/wacky/adventurous/affectionate but not creepy/loving and responsible hooligan family. Comment if you have any questions or are interested in checking the place out. Or just stop by Sunday for garage saley goodness. We'll show you around!

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