August 5th, 2005

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Hey everyone,

I know the last couple years there has been internet on the playa, and since then I've heard rumors of cell coverage on the playa. Is there any truth to these? What's the deal with all of this? The past couple years I haven't really paid attention because, you know, who wants these sorts of realities while vacationing in Black Rock City but this year I have a dying family member and a there is a very high chance we might need to leave early to go the the funeral. I'm just really hoping there are better options than leaving for gurloch and calling on a pay phone every day.


The ticket shown in the photos with this eBay listing is a GIFT ticket. GIFT tickets are the exceedingly rare complimentary tickets issued by the ORG, and - as with all tickets to the event - are not supposed to be sold at a profit.

I've reported the listing to eBay's customer service department, and hope to see the auction pulled in fairly short order.

Un. Fucking. Believable.

EDITED, 1438PDT: Just heard back from Participant Services:

Some of our gift ticket recipients are providing services for us in exchange of tickets or they have won the tickets in a charity raffle and are unable to go to the event. Although we would like them to not sell their tickets, we can't forbid them to.

So caveat emptor. If you're looking to buy a ticket - whether it's on eBay, Craig's List, or anywhere else - ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU COMMIT. Get the serial number and original price of the ticket from the seller and confirm the info with PartiServ. And don't bid over face value.
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Schrodinger's Lol cat

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first thank you so much everyone who responded to my post about internet and phone! It was so much help!!! Second I totally forgot, I havn't bought tickets yet. (I always wait till the last minute, so dumb, I don't know why I do it.) I was going to just go up and buy tickets today--but I thought I should ask here first and see if anyone had tickets they need to get rid of. I'm totally happy to pay whatever the value of the tickets/the amount they're selling for now--I just thought I should see if someone needs to get rid of tickets and help them out before I go buy tickets.


"Admission Gate" question...

I am finally getting together the final supplies for my first burn. While doing so, I took another look at the 2005 Survival Guide. Now, I don't know why I didn't notice this before, but it mentions that "the admission gate will be open at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, August 29th."

Perhaps I'm a little slow here, but does that mean I can't enter Black Rock City until that time? Like, say Sunday afternoon? Or does that just mean that I can't purchase "at the gate" tickets at that time? (I have tickets.)

...this may force a slight change in plans...

Anyone? Thanks (once again) for your help!

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