August 6th, 2005


BRC!!!! }(\\')

Howdy all! Being such a procrastinator, i guess i never really thought of looking up a BM LJ community. Well... here i am, finally. I'm going to be coming to the playa from all the way out in Pittsburgh, PA via Detroit MI. I'm doing all this prep work getting ready (gathering up food and packing clothes), this year i'm travelling in this: The Black Plague which should prove to be quite interesting. Is there a place where some of us might be able to meet up what with being LJers and all that? I've met some wonderful people through LJ and i wouldn't want my trip to BRC to be an exception. And one more question, which theme camps do you guys recommend? there are so many and some of the nicer more unique ones are easy to miss.
I say thankya

three questions...

One is: I wonder if there is anyone doing any tatooing out on the playa. The sterility issue would be a hinderance, but i'm sure there are ways around it. Has anyone ever heard of it being done?

Two is: How much different is BRC and the playa from Death Valley? I spent a week camping out there 2 years ago and some of the places i went were pretty damn desolate and dry and hot as hell.

Three is: i have thought that art based on popular culture would be pretty cool. Not this year but at some point in the future i would like to build a TARDIS and bring it out to sit on the playa. (Anyone know what a TARDIS is?) Or something like... a life sized Optimus Prime statue. How do you think burners would react to art like this?