August 8th, 2005


Tent for sale


I've got a huge 7 person tent that I have to get rid of. You can fit 2 airbeds in it plus a bunch of other stuff and still have room to change, walk around, etc. Great for tall people as it's over 6' high in the center.

It's seen BM once, and I've laundered it well. Everything's intact except I've somehow misplaced the carry bag along the way. But from what I recall it's no great loss as it was too small anyway. It comes with the wimpy little tie down stakes, but of course the first thing you should do is toss them and get some rebar. The mesh is unripped, no broken or missing parts, it's clean, in the box even.

Why am I getting rid of it? It's too big for us (2 people) and we need every square inch in our truck (not to mention the money for gas).

It's a $129 tent that I'm asking $50 for, firm. If you or anyone you know needs a great tent that can be put up by one person in about 10 minutes, let me know. If it's not sold by Wednesday, I'm going to put it up on Ebay.

I'm located in the SF bay area, San Mateo to be specific, though I'm willing to take it down to Cupertino/San Jose or figure out something about getting it to SF.

The pictures are here and I took photos without the rainfly as it was in the washer at the time. But you can see what it looks like with the rainfly on the box.

Please reply to my email which is at the top of the tent photo webpage. Thanks!

Edit: The tent has a tentative new owner, thank you.
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Went last year and it was... amazing.
Having finished my MFA and getting some work I thought I wouldn't
be able to go this year so I didn't get a ticket.
Someone must have blown some playa dust my way, because it looks like I can go.
The moral is, I have no ticket and all I can find are people looking to make
a profit on gift tickets and/or lower tier tickets.
So.. does anyone know of someone honestly selling a ticket for under 250?
I have cash and likely an extra bike, handmade furry miniskirts + legwarmers to size,
and anything else I can offer other than a huge smile and thanks.
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greetings from winterpeg

!    sitting here combatting office drudgery and dreaming of the playa, i stumbled across this community while on my daily deviations from productivity. this year will be my first burn! i've been wanting to come home for years now but sadly the distance and financial matrix has kept me prarie bound until this year. august 26th i will embark with my man on a two day drive south to the black rock.

this past year has been a time of great metal developement and shift for me - presently i feel as though i have reached some sort of ..... pinnacle? i feel as though i've finally gotten the courage to climb to up highest diving board and now i'm stuck up here, unsure of how i should jump.

i have a feeling the burn is going to help me figure out how to jump.....

because i know i'm ready!


sorry for the philosophical rant there but it's really how i feel! and i thought you perhaps may be interested! and now my gift to your ears can be found by clicking here. you may aleady be familiar - but it's one of my favorite stations! enjoy!

..... see you on the playa!

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Having gone since '98 and meeting so many people, experienced so many things, and learned so much, I'm still shocked that I don't know the answer to this question:
Can I take one of those outdoor fireplaces?
I'm still waiting to hear back from the fire-art people at on this.

As I told them:
I'm talking about the fireplaces that are used for backyard patios and the like.
Everything is above the ground, and enclosed in metal mesh so that ash won't get blown around or out.
There would be adequate room between any of my camp structures and the fireplace to greatly reduce any chance of setting my camp ablaze, and even more space between it and the nearest neighbor's camp.
Firewood and burnable garbage would be the only acceptable content of the fireplace.
It is pretty heavy, weighing almost 200 pounds, and is fairly wide at the base, so it would take quite a bit of effort for someone to knock it over. Someone stumbling or tripping through my campsite would have to hit it square on to upset it.
If bringing the fireplace does not sound reasonable, even with my assurances that safety is of high concern, I need to know rather soon, as I'm already starting to pack my trailer, and need to know if I need to remove it before adding stuff in and around it.

In the years past, I have never actually seen one of these outdoor/patio fireplaces. Has anyone else taken one out there only to be told they can't use it or anything? Obviously, if I can't take it, I will have a lot more room in my truck and trailer without all that firewood in there.