August 11th, 2005


What would you do?

With 150 feet of clear plastic surgical tubing (the kind for IV's)

I actually picked up 3 50 foot packs of this stuff at a flea market in Gerlach before last years burn.
It has been sitting in my tickle trunk ever since.

I don't know what to do with it...what to many options.
The best I could think of was fairy wings that maybe in some way hooked up to a camel back making one very long silly straw.

but I don't own or plan on affording a camel back.

Any ideas? I really want to do soemthing fun with this.
art prodject?
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Two Tickets to Paradise...

Okay, so I've got Two extra (Those who wanted to, couldn't...) tickets... 175$ Each... (+ Whatever Shipping)

Well there is a hitch, you must make a solem vow that you will find me and/or seattle_liz at the festival, and say hello...  (or make a reasonable attempt...)

I would REALLY prefer to sell these in a pair, but as with all things, maybe we can work something out if needs be.

You can email at my livejournal address, or comment here...

Since this is apparently important....

**Edit - I can accept Paypal... **

**Looks like they are gone... (barring any unforeseen problems)**