August 17th, 2005

Goggles, Burning Man 2006, Good to Go

Leeeeavin', in an Arrr Veeee...

So- my Fellow Burners, I am leaving for the Burn on Friday Morning the 26th (this is the Friday before Burning Man starts). I'm helping my theme camp build (Go Prometheatrics, can I get a w00t w00t!)- and I plan on entering the Playa at 12:01am Saturday Morning. I would even be open to leaving earlier is there was a way to get *in* earlier (wink wink, you know someone?).

I am leaving from Los Angeles (the Valley, to be specific) in an RV. I'm driving straight through- and I am looking for people who need a ride and who would like to ride up in style, with a bathroom, and can help with the associated costs for Gasoline. I realize that I am the guy who wants to take an RV to the Burn- so I wouldn't expect someone to actually *split* the costs- but $40 or so sounds good. And the more, the merrier as far as the trip goes. I am leaving after the Temple burns on Sunday night (since I have to be at work on Tuesday...).

If anyone is interested in a ride up in comfort, with a bed and all- please do let me know. Reply to this or email me directly at


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Does anyone know how to 'aquire' those unauthorized GGW videos

I had a thought about all those unathorized GGW Burning Man videos that the Org is suing that guys pants off for and I thought that as an art project I could re-edit that footage back into something
tasteful (or over the top funny)

Kind of a way to 'steal back' the dignity that was stolen from the event. To re-liberate the videos themselves.

If they make a butcher of the event - then *I* can chop up and re-use their video

Any thoughts?
Where would I get a unauthorized copy of the unauthorized video?

downward dog on the playa

So this will be my first year at burning man! I'm super excited.

I heard that a fair amount of group yoga practice goes on and I'm thinking that would be fun to do some morning. I study Ashtanga yoga.

I'm just wondering how doing yoga in the middle of a desert works. I have a decent prana sticky mat that I'm going to bring. I figure that the playa dust should wash off it pretty easily when I get home. I usually use a mysore rug as well for for traction and comfort, but I'm worried that it will get real gross with dust.

What do any of you fellow yogis think? What worked for you in past?

Also, and info on good places to go do ashtanga would be awesome!

And on a completely different topic, what have people's experiences been with using dry ice to keep their food refrigerated?