August 20th, 2005

Darwin Chainsaw
  • qzz

Something different going through Gerlach

I just learned that the Union Pacific Railroad will be running the world's largest operating steam locomotive through Gerlach on August 30, Tuesday. It will come through sometime between Noon and 4 PM.

The steam crew is aware of Burning Man and is considering stopping or rolling through slow to give Burners a chance to see this thing. Its pretty impressive. Its a big articulated machine that is over 120' long, over 1 million pounds and will do 80+ MPH. It was built in the 1940's and runs on fire, so its a natural for B-man.

They'd like to get some burners out there to visit with. And, since its a crew of guys a long way from home, won't mind at all if the lady burners would like to pose for pictures with their engine.

If anyone would like to see this thing, let me know in the thread and I'll see if I can get their stop point nailed down. Not sure if it will be near the Hot Springs or in Gerlach itself.

This thing will be trailing a long train of old streamlined (1940's era) passenger cars. Maybe we can get them some DMV stickers 'cuz today its one rare bird (only one of its kind running, actually) and a hell of an "art car".